Review: King by Eve Langlais


I am trying to be fair here on a review for a book whose ending I absolutely HATED. In fact, it supplanted “Me Before You” for my ‘#1 Most Hated Endings’. Needless to say, before writing this, I needed to take a step back to clear my head and emotions. Especially my emotions. I was fully invested in this series and I felt gutted.

After processing for a few days, I thought to myself: who the hell are you to dictate what the ending SHOULD have been? The author throws convention out the window in this last book and she is brave for doing so. No, I didn’t like it. Yes, I was mad. Ultimately though, she evoked quite the swirl of emotions from me. That takes talent. I cared enough about her characters to be affected by what happened to them.

The story picks up where the last one ended, with Rafe leading the voyage “home”. The plot was steadily paced and there were a few surprises I foresaw before the doozy of an ending. The characters had me hooked because they were truly unique with what they brought to the story. The imagery is the strongest of all the story’s elements. This world Ms. Langlais created was very detailed and I could tell she put a lot of thought into the mechanics of it.

This really should be read as a series to really understand the context but it’s not impossible as a standalone. Though, I caution not to set your hopes on a particular ending and you definitely feel this more keenly if you’ve invested your time into the rest of the series. Trust me. I don’t I can handle another one of these any time soon, but I can’t bring myself to regret having read the series.

Safety: It’s hard to cover this without giving the plot away so I will say that there are no lines crossed until the end. No rape or abuse.



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