Review: Triple Trouble by Cari Quinn and Taryn Eliott


Cover Love: 5 Stars

Juliet is a rocker who is finding her footing in her career and personal life. She is attracted to the sexy and flirty chef Tristan but is curious about the broody lighting coordinator Randy. The stars align just right so that she gets to find out just what those two are about. Insert band drama, insecurities, and some sexy times in between and you’ve got quite the tale.

Juliet, Randy, and Tristan are completely different types of people but somehow, they totally work as a unit. Their personalities were distinct and fleshed out well. Even if it would suit a scene for them to be more one way or another, the writers stayed true to what was established. I can’t say enough about how incredibly sexy this story is but more than that, it felt different from most of the other MFM relationship stories I’ve read. The characters have their flaws and they don’t always jive. To me, it seems more realistic for this. Lord knows as much as I love my hubby, there are times when we are just not on the same page. Stories that paint the idyllic relationships are cool but I have learned to appreciate the ones that go a step further and try to make their tales relevant to everyday life. The writing and prose is excellent. I enjoyed reading about this trio and look forward to reading more about the other bandmates.

Safety: No others outside of their trio. No rape or abuse. It’s been a while since I’ve read this so I hope I don’t miss any important details.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.



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