Review: Love Tap by M. N. Forgy


Cover Love: 4 Stars


Tate and Camden have quite the history together. Tate has never been like other girls growing up. She loves to fight and is not about pretty frilly things. It’s those differences that made Camden fall for her as a kid and what made it hurt so bad when she was forced to go to college in another state and to sever ties with him. When the college thing doesn’t pan out she returns with a determination not to compromise on what she wants. That is to fight. Her dad, a former fighter, is dead set against her living the hard life of a fighter and it causes a huge rift in an otherwise close relationship. Breaking into the fight world is not easy and even more so for a woman. She ends up at the same gym as Camden with a less than efficient trainer. Camden’s hostility toward her, while not surprising, is painful. But as we all know, where there was once a blazing fire, there is a spark. These two have a lot to work through but the heart will always have its way. The love scenes are delish. Seriously. I wasn’t sure at first how I would like the story as it didn’t immediately click for me. It’s my first by this author and I was getting used to her style. I am glad that I saw it through as the story developed quite well after the initial choppiness. I found myself cheering for these deeply flawed characters. I liked that Tate still had a long way to go to get where she wanted to be. It wasn’t something that came to her easily but something that she had to work hard for. I felt strongly towards some of the antagonists as well meaning the writer does well in establishing emotion. All in all a very good read. Safety: No OW/OM/Sharing, though an ex partner of the H shows up. They lost their V to eachother. No rape. Yes to abuse.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.



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