Review: Enough by Jade Chandler


Cover Love : 4 Stars!


Totally enjoyed this sexy ride with Dare and Lila. Lila starts to work at a tattoo shop where Dare is manager. There is definitely a spark but she is hesitant to let it ignite because of a difficult past being in relationships with men she works with. Of course resistance to Dare is futile and they begin a no strings deal with rules to keep them in line. Rules were made to be broken and before they know it, Lila starts becoming a part of his MC life. That world is in a class of its own and what starts off great is soured by a really bad experience with one of the members. The experience that serves as a reality check for Lila. I was really saddened by how Lila reacted but it felt genuine for someone of her background. I’m not all that sure Dare knew what he wanted based on his actions sometimes but I’m glad he ended up getting his shit together. The book was really good but I would definitely have liked it more if it slowed down the love scenes a bit. The build up was great but it was over way too fast and I was left wanting more. To savor it. The book deals with several difficult topics in a tasteful manner. The plot was good but the pacing a little off. Not so much so that it ruins it, but noticeable. It’s labeled a dark romance but it’s not too deep in the dark imo. Safety: In their time apart and as they try to move on from each other, H tries to do something with OW but can’t and h ends up kissing OM. h also pretends to be with two other of his MC brothers because a bunch of them want her in earnest after Dare and she needs protection. In the beginning it could be assumed they used condoms but a few times I wasn’t 100% sure, but it’s expressly mentioned that they do after the first few times. No rape. Yes to abuse. Definite pushing away.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.



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