Review: Over the Line by Lisa Desrochers

over the line.jpg

Cover Love: 4 Stars


3.5 stars. Lee and Oliver were bred to be enemies. Their fathers held opposing interests. In fact, Oliver’s dad killed Lee’s mom. In the world of the mafia, it’s all supposed to be a blood feud. The pair end up going to school together and what starts out as them trying to gain an advantage of over each other culminates in a very passionate affair. Only the agenda wasn’t done for one of them and now the other needs to rectify the situation. When they finally reunite after the ordeal of the last book, it’s explosive and in more ways than one. I won’t pretend that what happened feels all that believable but it served well enough for entertainment. The circumstances under which they spend time together didn’t really sit well with me. The sexy scenes and anticipation were done very well. The characters are definitely complex and unique. The pacing when the big “love” reveal happens seems to occur as almost a non-event after such resistance to it, I expected more. The family situation was sensitive but eventually they find their way. All in all a good read with an interesting and complex plot. Safety: No abuse/rape/sharing. I don’t remember them using any condoms.

Review with additional safety info (hidden spoilers):



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