Review: Let Me by Cecy Robson

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Cover Love: 5 Sars

Finn’s story is unique. He had a very difficult experience during his childhood and hasn’t worked through the associated feelings. That translates to a very high energy, high impact, somewhat volatile hero. He gets sent to therapy after a particularly violent episode and there he runs into Sol. He knows Sol from social gatherings because she is friend to his sister but he never got to really know her as much as he wanted to. He seizes his opportunity then. Sol is going through quite an ordeal herself with her mom having a serious mental break. The different situations alone are bad but Cecy is very talented at bringing out the root of the problem and helping her characters through it, with a few bumps along the way for our entertainment. It is a very heartfelt and emotional story with very serious tribulations that still manages to insert a whole lot of sexy and growth. I enjoyed it with the exception of one part but can see how that part contributed to proving how out of sorts Finn was. Safety: No OM/sharing. I don’t remember if they wore condoms in the beginning but at the end they definitely didn’t.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Review with hidden spoilers (additional safety info):




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