Excerpt: Let me by Cecy Robson

“You haven’t been very nice to me,” he says against my mouth, thinking back to the way I’ve teased him.

“Mmm,” I agree nodding thoughtfully. “I suppose I have a lot of making up to do.”

“Damn straight,” he says. Before he can kiss me, the elevator doors ding open.

I don’t expect Finn to be romantic, and he doesn’t disappoint. He tosses me over his shoulder and smacks my butt, making me laugh. That’s totally us, always playing, always laughing. Some may see it as immature, but to  me it’s sweet and fun, reminding me how young we both are despite the very mature problems we face.

He stomps down the hall, effortlessly carrying me. “You have no class, tough guy,” I tell him still laughing.

“True,” he admits. “But you like what I have and are really going to like what I have to show you.”


Insider secret… she REALLY likes what he’s gotta show her :-p



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