Review: Mr and Mrs by Alexa Riley

mr and mrs

Cover Love: 3 Stars


Phillip loves Molly obsessively, like most if not all of our Alexa Riley heroes but he’s different in that he is actually trying to restrain himself. Of course, bad timing and poor communication leads to a misunderstanding of epic proportions and Molly decides to leave. She gets hurt and loses her memory and Phillip sees that as his chance to get her back. I liked seeing the story from a married perspective. I appreciate and respect the idea that the marriage wasn’t portrayed as this perfect state. It takes work and sometimes individuals are insecure. The love that Phillip has for his wife was also very heartwarming. Of course, the love making was scorching hot and Phillip couldn’t get enough of his wife so maybe my heart wasn’t the only warm thing in the house :-p lol The story is a quick solid sexy read and even with the length gives you a full story without compromising important elements. Safety: AR heroes only have eyes for their main lady so no OW, despite what the Mrs thinks she sees. No OM/Sharing. No rape/abuse. No condoms as they were trying to have a baby.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.



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