Growling for Mine by Alexa Riley

Alexa Riley

Cover Love: 4 Stars

3.5 stars. Bleu meets his Lola when he saves her after a crash. I say “his Lola” because in true Alexa Riley fashion, he decides instantly that she is his. The scenarios are outrageous, of course, and undeniably sexy. Bleu is this loner alpha-type shifter who, with no supposed experience, still manages to charm and sex up a virginal with no shyness Lola lol Ridiculous or not, the Alexa Riley duo write quite love scene and even though you brain tells you **scoff** “Yeah right, this is not realistic and so obsessive. Creepy.” Your heart tells you, “Yeah, right girl. You wish a sexy man loved you like that. Don’t front.” LOL I had fun with this one. It was a quick read with just the right amount of heat. The conversations between the h and H read a little choppy for me in the beginning but it worked itself out.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.


Pretty Graphics by Ardent Prose:


Both, please! :-p



Practice makes perfect! Sexpert in No time! :-p




If she doesn’t feel it, we sure as hell do! Yum! :-p


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