You Were Here by Cori McCarthy

You were

Cover Love: 4

Grief is a very unique thing. This book shows it in different facets. The main focus is on Jaycee and the loss of her older brother but the story manages to capture the ways that others too were affected. Natalie is the uptight ex-best friend who doesn’t know where life will lead her and is scared by what that means. In her fear, she makes some really big mistakes but she also does some good. She’s not as put together as people think. Her boyfriend Zach is underestimated and he doesn’t have a plan. More than anything he’s got this very touching emotional and protective side that makes me want to comfort him. Bishop is his best friend. They have grown apart largely due to a failed love relationship that Bishop is still trying to get over. Tyler is Zach’s brother and best friend to the deceased. He’s cruel to his siblings. We get a little insight into his form of grief but it doesn’t excuse his actions. Finally, Mik is the former best friend to Jaycee’s lost brother. He’s literally the strong silent type. A selective mute. There’s so much depth to him though and the writer manages to convey it in an amazing way considering he doesn’t talk most of the book lol. He was very much my favorite. Jaycee struggles to find herself on the other side of the loss of her brother. She’s this beautiful yet surprisingly awkward teen that you hope finds her way. I felt like I was able to connect with the characters which is something I don’t find very often. The story itself is very innovative. It combines art via Bishop’s constant tagging (you actually get to see “what he drew”), graphic novel styling in Mik’s POV, and typical story telling. I found the writing engaging and the build up and angst intense. There are sex scenes but not between the H and h and not descriptive in nature. Safety gang: there is cheating but NOT by our heroine/hero. She is very naive in the romance department.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.