Kiss Chasey by Misty Murphy


Cover Love: 4 Stars

So this book took me by surprise. I was not really expecting it to be what it was. Chasey is a woman that lives through her romance books as a lot of us tend to do. Her dream guy comes in the form of her brother’s friend who tried to save him when they were in Afghanistan and got him out but unfortunately Jon, her brother, still passed. Scorch works for a firm that makes fantasies come true. Some sexual, some not. Chasey’s friends pay for him to be her hero. After the initial scenes, he gets the feeling that something’s not right and before long, he is protecting Chasey for real. But he doesn’t feel like a hero and is ready to walk away. Throughout the book, Scorch fights his inner demons. The plot gets more and more interesting. The chemistry between Chasey and Scorch sizzles and pops. The characters, main and not, reveal themselves to be more than what we thought. The concept behind the book is completely novel to me. For someone who has read hundreds and hundreds of books, being pleasantly surprised doesn’t come too often. There is one part that I wasn’t all that gung-ho about and that is how the exchange occurs when Chasey and Scorch are first intimate. Other than that, it’s golden. I don’t want to give too much away because I really think it’s a treat but know that I will very enthusiastically be reading more books from this author. : p For my safety gang buddies: Scorch granted many a woman her fantasy as part of his job and its “perks”. It’s all in the past. There are no OW/OM or sharing. There is mention of a rape. No details divulged.

Review copy received in exchange for an honest review.


Reviewed at Goodreads.


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