Review of A Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian

A Light

During poignant times, the Rosati family was faced with a moral dilemma that affected them still years after the war was over. From the beginning, as readers, we are brought into a world where a killer has obviously set their sights on the family with a grudge that roots deep. We then experience the story of what was, and more grippingly, what this family had to go through when decision after decision intertwined them more firmly with a rapidly losing Germany. A Germany supported by Mussolini Black Shirts bringing Italy firmly into the war in what would eventually be known as the losing side. The story remains enigmatic to the very end, leaving us to speculate and wonder at the reasoning and perpetrator targeting the family. We are treated to the perspective of Serafina, a female detective in charge of the investigation who has a connection to the family even she was not aware of until the story begins to unravel. She is an anomaly in that time, being a female detective. The narrative is eloquent and enthralling as I found myself absorbing the history that is accurately represented in the pages. I found myself doing additional research to better immerse myself in the accounting of it. It was truly an engaging read that I found difficult to put down.


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