Falling Completely by Aidan Willows


Cover Love: 5+!

I have fallen. Completely. This book was amazing. The story starts off really sweet. You get this build up. Chemistry. Great complex characters that you can totally like. Then BAM! The author turns on the sexy and hot damn I thought I was gonna melt! I think I re-read the first tease from Caleb like 3-4 times (Don’t judge. It’s hot af. Trust me, you will totally do the same lol). It kind of catches you off guard which is what makes it so great. Caleb is not the only one I’m in love with either. Liya is flipping hilarious. She is loving. Sweet. She’s got sassy in her veins. My kind of girl. The total package. But the love doesn’t end there. Nope. The author created an entire family, friends, and of course Liya’s sister Annika, in such a way that you crave to know their story. Well. Mission accomplished. I’m totally hooked and craving my next hit 😉 The story was very well written. The plot never allows your attention to stray. The characters are amazing. I laughed out loud several times which is very rare for me with books. The one thing that was a little frustrating was Liya’s pushing Caleb SO much. I wasn’t a fan but understand it was her coping mechanism. Reading this book was a great experience. So much so that this puppy is definitely going up on my favorites shelf :-p Can’t wait for Nikki and Jake!!

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PS: Loving the sexy cover ^.~


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Kiss Chasey by Misty Murphy


Cover Love: 4 Stars

So this book took me by surprise. I was not really expecting it to be what it was. Chasey is a woman that lives through her romance books as a lot of us tend to do. Her dream guy comes in the form of her brother’s friend who tried to save him when they were in Afghanistan and got him out but unfortunately Jon, her brother, still passed. Scorch works for a firm that makes fantasies come true. Some sexual, some not. Chasey’s friends pay for him to be her hero. After the initial scenes, he gets the feeling that something’s not right and before long, he is protecting Chasey for real. But he doesn’t feel like a hero and is ready to walk away. Throughout the book, Scorch fights his inner demons. The plot gets more and more interesting. The chemistry between Chasey and Scorch sizzles and pops. The characters, main and not, reveal themselves to be more than what we thought. The concept behind the book is completely novel to me. For someone who has read hundreds and hundreds of books, being pleasantly surprised doesn’t come too often. There is one part that I wasn’t all that gung-ho about and that is how the exchange occurs when Chasey and Scorch are first intimate. Other than that, it’s golden. I don’t want to give too much away because I really think it’s a treat but know that I will very enthusiastically be reading more books from this author. : p For my safety gang buddies: Scorch granted many a woman her fantasy as part of his job and its “perks”. It’s all in the past. There are no OW/OM or sharing. There is mention of a rape. No details divulged.

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Review of A Light in the Ruins by Chris Bohjalian

A Light

During poignant times, the Rosati family was faced with a moral dilemma that affected them still years after the war was over. From the beginning, as readers, we are brought into a world where a killer has obviously set their sights on the family with a grudge that roots deep. We then experience the story of what was, and more grippingly, what this family had to go through when decision after decision intertwined them more firmly with a rapidly losing Germany. A Germany supported by Mussolini Black Shirts bringing Italy firmly into the war in what would eventually be known as the losing side. The story remains enigmatic to the very end, leaving us to speculate and wonder at the reasoning and perpetrator targeting the family. We are treated to the perspective of Serafina, a female detective in charge of the investigation who has a connection to the family even she was not aware of until the story begins to unravel. She is an anomaly in that time, being a female detective. The narrative is eloquent and enthralling as I found myself absorbing the history that is accurately represented in the pages. I found myself doing additional research to better immerse myself in the accounting of it. It was truly an engaging read that I found difficult to put down.

Review of Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man2.jpg


Cover Love: 5 Stars


I flipping love Tack and Tyra. The story focuses on their transition into something deep and lasting. I like the perspective offered where for Tack, it wasn’t about first sight, but he was hooked when Tyra showed him something different. Tyra is a badass. Love how she protected Tabby. I’m still trying to figure Rush out but I see that he’s got depth. The writing. The plot. Everything just worked cohesively and flowed well. Definitely up in the faves. 🙂


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Review of Shift by Karina Espinosa



Cover Love: 4 Stars


Mackenzie is caught between two sexy wolves and Karina’s writing builds up the sensual angst just right. Sebastian is alpha and comes with all the sexy trappings that entails. Jonah has those same tendencies but only tempers them with something achingly sweet and comfortable. Both are intense and way sexy in their won right. Mackenzie is trying to find her way in the wolf world and trouble seems to be following her. The world Ms. Espinosa created is intriguing with unique characters that leave you wanting more. I can’t wait for the next installment. Especially with the ending to this one! Want to know? Read it. Duh!

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